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Project Description

How will you Answer?

Nature is Calling is a company and brand that echoes the call of earth’s silent, and not so silent, stakeholders — the animals, birds, air, mountains, rivers, oceans.   Its message, simply stated, Nature is Calling.  It calls to each of us – a call to action!  The question – how will you answer?

Our desire is to invite you to engage in nature.  It is imperative for our individual well being and our planet to co-exist in relation with nature.

We have created a Little Explorer Collection that offers 5 uniquely & eco-crafted Explorer Buddies your little loves will cherish to inspire your journey.

Also, we are excited to share a collaboration between Gary Jones, a well-known wildlife artist and author, Martha Joh Reeder. They have created the soon to be released book, Nature is Calling. It is the first in a series of children’s books created to bridge the gap between observing nature and connecting with nature. The simple, yet provocative prose combined with the authentic representation of children and animals in nature is presented with eye captivating art. The intention is to tap into the heart and the mind of the readers….because, at Nature is Calling (NIC), we believe that through connection one develops a true love and respect for nature. It is this respect that nurtures responsible stewards of the earth. The book is intentionally designed to engage and intrigue both children and adults. Each page is a work of art presented in a nostalgic artistic style, with brilliant color and detail. The text is simple, intended to spur conversation, and to facilitate connection, and ultimately respect. Pre-Order your copy now or provide your email for a sneak peak and we will notify you upon availabilty.  First edition anticipated Fall 2018.

Enjoy our current products and the soon to be released book thru purchasing on their beautiful website directly!


Martha Joh Reeder
Founder, Nature is Calling