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Project Description

Holistic and Transformative

Tai chi has been referred to as ‘yoga in motion’, a moving meditation – a powerful key to relaxation, increased focus and concentration.

Easy Tai Chi is devoted to helping busy people benefit from a little tai chi every day.  Basic, yet profound movement and breathing in an easy to learn fun way that doesn’t involve ongoing expensive weekly classes for years.  It is EASY, but not superficial, simply ‘user-friendly’, nothing fancy or deeply complex but filled with fascinating content taking the best of all worlds – east and west and combining them into one delightful learning experience.  We are all beginnig to realize that more often than not, the most profound and effective approach is the simplest approach.

After your weekend you will leave not only renewed and refreshed but you will take with you a lifelong method, ‘FORM’, that can easily be implemented into your daily routine and dramatically affect your well-being.

The venue, the William J. Kelly Retreat Center, is located in charming Bay St. Louis.  The retreat center grounds are simply beautiful and peaceful among enromous oak trees.  Accomodations are simple, yet well appointed.  Single or double occupany available with private bath in each room.

All proceeds from the retreat will help to provide Easy Tai Chi for the elderly, isolated & marginalized of our community.

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Gretta Bowman
Certified Easy Tai Chi Instructor