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Raise The Roof

Hometown is Raising the Roof
Hometown Roofing is a fully Certified Residential & Commercial Roofing Company which   has been serving the Dallas Ft. Worth Area for over 15 years. Hometown Roofing offers quality roof repair and roof replacement services at competive prices.  We offer both military & first responder discounts as well as a $300 referral fee.  We work on YOUR behalf, directly with YOUR insurance company, to make sure that YOU are getting   the full use of the policy YOU HAVE PAID FOR.  Hometown Roofing contracors are the best at what  they do - Roofing, and we are actively engaged in serving our community.  Many in our area on fixed incomes and are unable to  repair theirs roofs.   As a small company we do what we can, but  WE WANT TO DO MORE -  and we ask for your support to RAISE THE ROOF  for our community members in need.    

James Otis

Gretta Bowman

Owner, Hometown Roofing

GRB Grant Services, Inc.

I am proud of the company that we have established in Dallas.  I came here 15 years ago and I'm here to stay.   Our area is plagued by hail storms every year, which brings in outside 'roofing companies' that are here today and gone within a couple years.  We now the area, we now the people, we know roofing and like I said, we are here to stay.     
Helping people do great things in their community is what GRB Grant Services is all about.  Partnering with Hometown roofing is  natural fit.  I am  extremely excited to launch  Hometown Roofings' RAISE THE ROOF campaign to increase their charitable work for in the Dallas Ft. Worth area.  100% of your tax deductible donation goes directly to support the needs of your neighbor in need of a little assistance.  
How We're Making An Impact
The Raise the Roof Campaign, with your support, will address the sveral needs in our community

  • Roof Repair/replacement for qualified homeowners
  • Elderly on a fixed budget
  • Low Income Working families that own their home
  • Deductible Assistance for qualified homeowners
  • Discounts for active military & veterans
  • Volunteer opportunties for the weekend warriors
Every Donation Counts
You can support Raise The Roof through our Kindful fundraising campaign. Learn more by clicking the button below:
"We want to do more, and we ask for your support ."
- James Otis
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